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The Content Writer Checklist

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Do you want to be a content writer?

Then learn it from somebody who preaches from their experience.

From working in an exim consultancy firm to starting my own ventures, freelancing, improving my content writing skills and now being self-employed as a full-time writer and creative entrepreneur - I have been where you are.

You want to start content writing.

You want to polish your writing skills.

You want to make money out of content writing.

Let me help you.

Do you want to start writing for:

  • Pursuing the hobby? 🎨
  • Making extra money? 🤑
  • Switching the career path? 💫

If you want to do it full time, you can also become a creator or a freelancer.

Here's what to expect:

💥Know all the important steps to start as a writer

😌Form a routine

📝 Productivity checklist

🚀The shortcut to expediting your journey (models)

🤑 How to monetize

📈 Brief steps to become a skilled writer

🤗 Be warned of not-so-fun realities (I believe in keeping it honest)

🎁 Pro tips and resources

With this Checklist you will feel a shift from the category of 'Aspiring Writer' to 'Inspiring Writer'.

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The Content Writer Checklist

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